Dedicated to providing the most reliable Public Safety Call Boxes available, find CASE Systems where you work, play and drive.

  • UCSD Blue Light Tower Mass Notification System

    Mass Notification goes live at UCSD

    UCSD improves campus security with the addition of Mass Notification to their network of CASE Blue Light Towers.

  • Firebox New York

    FDNY Fireboxes upgraded

    The CASE Systems upgrade kit extends the service life of the exisiting firebox system in NYC.

  • Westchester Community College Blue Light Tower

    WCC Upgrades to Blue Light Towers

    Westchester Community College removed their older call boxes in favor of the popular CASE Blue Light Towers.

  • College campus

    San Diego City College

    School campuses and facilities with large grounds and parking lots use CASE call boxes to provide students, employees, and visitors with access to emergency communications, where and when needed.

  • Beach Side Safety

    Beach Side Safety in Kauai, HI

    Because of changing weather conditions, strong currents and reefs, beach safety is very important. Emergency call boxes add another level of safety to unattended beaches.

  • Skyway Bridge Florida

    Bridge phones offer a new lifeline

    The Sunshine Skyway is now among the growing number of bridges in the country with emergency phones connected to crisis services. Solar-powered phones have been installed on the Skyway to offer direct help for those contemplating suicide.

  • New Jersey Port Authority

    Port Elizabeth NJ Call boxes provide a means to report suspicious activities around the port or emergency incidents to the authorities.

  • Central Park, New York

    Central Park in New York City

    New York Central Park call boxes provide direct communication to the NYPD. Keeping the park accessible and safe is a top priority for local authorities.

  • Satellite emergency call box

    New Satellite emegency call box

    CASE has integrated the Iridium satellite system with its proven solar powered Call Box in Mendocino County, CA. The satellite call box was designed to provide reliable voice communication in remote locations.

  • Trafic data management

    Travel Time data collection

    CASE call boxes are durable and reliable systems that continue to provide an important public service to motorists. CASE also provides installation, integration, and maintenance services for over 10,000 call boxes nationwide.